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When Glowbl was created in 2011, founder Mathieu Labey wanted to put the human being back in the center of remote interactions by using emotions. It was first designed for friends based all over the world who wanted to keep sharing their favorite music while discussing and having fun together at the same time. Then the solution was quickly brought onto the BtoB market. It now addresses the BtoBtoC market on international level. Technical developments enabled the company to compete with collaboration tools that were actually poor in the user experience as well as unefficient.

Glowbl has 2 offices in France and offers a collaborative video conference solution as well as a sharing content tool in real time. The innovation consists in reproducing the human interactions of the real life. The objective is simple: offering a more captivating experience for more efficiency.

Glowbl_LaurentSouloumiac_PortraitGlowbl is managed by CEO Laurent Souloumiac, who has more than 20 years of experience in the internet and digital industry (Michelin, France TV Interactive and US West).

The company’s board is composed of entrepreneurs, among others: representatives of Adocia (BioTech), PwC, Anthony Passemard (IoT Manager at Google) and Frédéric Lasnier (CEO of Pentalog, an IT services company).

Finally, Glowbl is a team of about 20 employees, experts in their areas (tech, sales, marketing, design-UX-UI, QA).


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Our use cases



 Virtual Classes


Glowbl offers to businesses and universities the ability to provide live virtual training close to reality. The platform highlights a realistic representation of a classroom, the teacher and the participants. The trainer can prepare supports before the course, let students facing the others and make them intervene on any support. The teacher will also have the ability to create subgroups within the virtual class that will work independently of each other. Finally, students or participants will always be able to whisper among themselves or create work groups, just like in real life!


Key strengths:


 Realistic representation of a classroom

 Sharing and interaction on any type of content without screen sharing

  Teaching Toolbox (sub-groups...)

 Full integration to corporate tools (LMS...)



 Video Customer Relationship


Glowbl provides companies (including banks, insurance companies, or any entity that has physical agencies) with a solution that allows them to interact with their end-customers in white-label virtual meeting rooms, with the colors and the warm character identical to a real agency. They become additional channels of communication between the advisor and the client. Accessible in a click, the solution allows you to share and manipulate any type of content, such as a quote, a contract or a loan simulation. Finally, clients can have a private video chat to make their final decision.


Key strengths:


 A white-label solution

 One room per advisor or client

 Optimization of the bandwidth need by avoiding screen sharing

 The ease of integration with tools (CRM...)





Thanks to Glowbl, group shopping, as in real life, is possible. The solution offers a completely disruptive experience through the integration of the merchant site directly within the platform in order to shop together and create a common basket. Forget the dozens of text messages or emails exchanged before making a purchase! Accessible from a computer, tablet or smartphone, Glowbl now allows to invite friends to join online and request their opinion on any item, go through the catalogue and take a final decision all together, just like they would do in a real shop.


Key strengths:


 Ability to invite friends directly

 Sharing articles on social networks

 Comprehensive and integrated user experience from merchant websites

 Brand-new experience

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 Quotes (free to copy)

“From the very first time I used Glowbl, I’ve been impressed. It revolutionizes realtime group collaboration.”
Laurent Souloumiac
CEO at Glowbl
Glowbl is one of the promising technology companies of tomorrow with a huge global growth potential.
Laurent Souloumiac
CEO at Glowbl
Glowbl aims to revolutionize online training for any kind of company or university. We want to offer a flexible system, easily deployable for all teams, no matter where they are. To promote online collaboration in real time, our solution relies on video conference and the sharing of contents to gain in agility and productivity at competitive prices.
Laurent Souloumiac
CEO at Glowbl

 Testimonials (free to copy)

Myself, who is in charge of digital change management at Allianz, the adoption has worked out perfectly. Those who need that kind of service immediately see the interest.

Mathieu Rougier - Allianz
Digital Change Manager

The flexibility of the platform and its speed of implementation, combined with the responsiveness and support of the Glowbl team have fully satisfied us.

Benoit Ripault - Mastercard Advisors
Mastercard Advisors Manager

The platform is really innovative and gives an interactive dimension to my TD sessions. This kind of teaching has a huge potential, especially with the aim to internationalize the lessons.

Sarah Sanrey - ESDES
Professor for Shopper Marketing

In our digital customer relationship strategy, Glowbl is the best solution that combines innovative experience, efficient service and ease of integration. Glowbl guarantees the best experience between the customer and the advisor.

Michel T. - HSBC
Customer relationship Project Manager


With its system of moving bubbles, Glowbl reproduces human behavior, social interactions and the feeling of being a group.

Glowbl can welcome an unlimited number of participants within an interface that is able to grow with the group, with no limits.


 Winner of the “Innovathon Allianz”


 Top EBG 25 Europe


 Red Herring Top 100


   Award “The Graphies” for the most innovative social graph app

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